Charters in Japan are highly regulated, and must take into account distance traveled, hours driven, pre-departure checks etc.

A bus charter is calculated from the time the driver signs in and the bus leaves the depot until the bus returns to the depot and the driver signs out.

Other factors that need to be taken into account are the number of drivers, and if part of the trip includes late night operations.

Highway tolls are also very expensive in Japan, and must be calculated along the proposed route of travel.

Because of this we handle all charters on an individual quote basis.

Inquiry Form

Narita Airport, Keio Plaza Hotel etc
Accommodation name etc
If carrying a lot of ski luggage we recommend only booking to 80% of capacity.
Please give as much information as possible.

Sample Charter Rates

4-7 people
Mini Bus
8-12 people
Medium Bus
13-20 people
Full Size Coach
20-35 people
Narita Airport to/from Hakuba151,300256,500289,800348,200
Haneda Airport to/from Hakuba143,800177,100207,200258,300
Central Tokyo to/from Hakuba137,500164,200191,200239,300
Centrair Airport to/from Hakubaask258,500290,700351,200
Nagano Station to/from Hakuba28,90052,60059,60072,300
Nozawa Onsen to/from Hakubaask73,10084,600100,800
Shiga Kogen to/from Hakubaask73,10084,600100,800
Myoko Kogen to/from Hakubaask73,10084,600100,800
Madarao Kogen to/from Hakubaask73,10084,600100,800

All rates are in Japanese yen and include tax.
Fare includes driver(s), fuel, taxes and road tolls on the most direct route.
Vehicle parking, Late night operations (22:00 -05:00), Route Detours, Meet and Greet Services are not included and will incur extra fees.

Meet and Greet Services (English / Japanese)

Flight Arrival TimeNarita AirportHaneda AirportCentrair Airport
07:00 - 20:598,3008,3008,300
21:00 - 06:5912,30012,30012,300