Having a car in Hakuba can be of great benefit. It allows you the freedom to get to any resort you choose without having to reply on the shuttle us system. And in general the car parks are not that full on weekdays.

Rental Cars

If you are going to rent a car from the airport, then make sure you get these items as a bare minimum.

  • AWD / 4WD Car
  • Snow Tires (called stud-less tires in Japanese)

We also recommend getting:

  • English speaking GPS navigation system
  • Roof Rack for ski gear
  • A brush to get snow off the car in the morning

Unlike other countries, you cannot drive on you home country drivers license, you must get an international driver’s license before you arrive in Japan. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you have booked a car and do not show up with an international driver’s license then not only will you not be able to get the car, you will not be refunded.

Narita Airport to Hakuba

Distance: 345km
Drive Time : 4hrs 30min
Tolls: approx 8,000yen (regular size car)

Haneda Airport to Hakuba

Distance: 260km
Drive Time : 3hrs 50min
Tolls: approx 6,400yen (regular size car)

Centrair Airport to Hakuba

Distance: 310km
Drive Time : 4hrs 20min
Tolls: approx 7,200yen (regular size car)