The Easy Way to get around Hakuba in Summer

Operating from mid July until late October in 2021, the Hakuba Shuttle is the easiest way to get around Hakuba, and with a 1 day pass only costing 800yen it is by far the cheapest option.

There are 3 routes operating that give access to almost all attractions in central Hakuba.

The routes are color coded, and transfers can be made at any bus stop that has more than one route.

Red Line

The Red Line is a express loop that runs around most major points in Hakuba, and if traveling from one park of Hakuba to another, it is the fastest way to go. It bypasses many of the lesser known places. Loops go in both directions so check the timetable to make sure you are heading in the right direction. The whole loop takes about 45 minutes so can be a good way to get orientated in Hakuba.

#Bus Stop#1#2#3#4#5#6#7
10Happo Information Center08:4010:2510:4012:3013:5515:4015:55
21Iwatake Mountain Resort08:4510:2010:4512:2514:0015:3516:00
8JR Hakuba Station09:0010:0511:0012:1014:1515:2016:15
4Goryu Escal Plaza09:1009:5511:1012:0014:2515:1016:25
14Hakuba Base Camp09:2009:4511:2011:5014:3515:0016:35
10Happo Information Center09:2509:4011:2511:4514:4014:5516:40

Blue Line

Blue Line buses runs in a loop around the Northern part of Hakuba. The main areas are Happo, Wadano, Iwatake and Hakuba Station.

Loops run in both directions. A Blue line loop takes about 45 minutes.

#Bus Stop#1#2#3#4#5#6#7
10Happo Information Center08:3010:2210:4012:3213:4515:3715:50
14Hakuba Base Camp08:3510:1710:4512:2713:5015:3215:55
13Echoland Roundabout08:3710:1510:4712:2513:5215:3015:57
12Hakuba Ski Jump08:4210:1010:5212:2013:5715:2516:02
11Happo Alps Open Space08:4510:0710:5512:1714:0015:2216:05
16Happo Gondola08:4810:0410:5812:1414:0315:1916:08
19Hakuba Ohashi08:5409:5811:0412:0814:0915:1316:14
20Iwatake no Yu08:5609:5611:0612:0614:1115:1116:16
21Iwatake Mountain Resort08:5809:5411:0812:0414:1315:0916:18
22Shinden Bus Terminal09:0209:5011:1212:0014:1715:0516:22
23Oide Park09:0709:4511:1711:5514:2215:0016:27
8JR Hakuba Station09:1109:4111:2111:5114:2614:5616:31
9Snow Peak Land Station09:1409:3811:2411:4814:2914:5316:34
10Happo Information Center09:1709:3511:2711:4514:3214:5016:37

Green Line

The Green line opens up access to Southern parts of Hakuba. It is the longest loop taking about an hour to complete.

#Bus Stop#1#2#3#4#5#6#7
10Happo Information Center08:2010:1510:3012:3013:4015:3515:45
14Hakuba Base Camp08:2510:1010:3512:2513:4515:3015:50
157-Eleven Misorano08:2910:0610:3912:2113:4915:2615:54
5Hakuba 4708:3510:0010:4512:1513:5515:2016:00
4Goryu Escal Plaza08:4109:5410:5112:0914:0115:1416:06
2Michi-no-Eki Hakuba08:4509:5010:5512:0514:0515:1016:10
1Himekawa Headwaters08:4909:4610:5912:0114:0915:0616:14
3JR Kamishiro Station08:5409:4111:0411:5614:1415:0116:19
6JR Iimori Station08:5709:3811:0711:5314:1714:5816:22
7Green Sports Park09:0009:3511:1011:5014:2014:5516:25
8JR Hakuba Station09:0409:3111:1411:4614:2414:5116:29
9Snow Peak Land Station09:0709:2811:1711:4314:2714:4816:32
10Happo Information Center09:1009:2511:2011:4014:3014:4516:35
Operational Dates in 2021Jul 17 - Aug 29 :Daily
Sep 3 - Oct 31: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays and Public Holidays only
PricingSingle Ride Tickets
Adults 400yen / Children 200yen / Infants Free

1 Day Free Pass with Traffic Coupon*
Adults 800yen / Children 400yen / Infants Free

2 Days Free Pass with Traffic Coupon*
Adults 1,400yen / Children 700yen / Infants Free

Passengers can use the traffic coupon (Adults 200yen / Children 100yen) on the local transport below.
Alpico local buses - Tsugaike Kogen line and Sarukura line
Hakuba Kanko Taxi – +81-(0)261-75-2144 / +81-(0)261-72-2327
Alps Daiichi Taxi – +81-(0)261-72-2221
Alpico Taxi – +81-(0)261-72-2236
Route Map & Timetable
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