This route again takes advantage of the ski lifts summer operation, this time at Goryu Ski Resort, with the Telecabin Gondola and Tembo Lift whisking you from the base up to the start of the trekking course. The Tembo lift runs through the Alpine Garden, featuring many types of Alpine vegetation endemic to the region. Note there is no water or bathrooms after the top of the Gondola, so get your supplies and do your business before getting on the Tembo lift.

At the trail head there are 2 options, the left option will take you through on a board walk through an alpine marsh, while the right option will take you up the cairn on the top of the small peak above. Both routes meet again after about 10 minutes and take the opportunity to bang the bear warning gong here to let animals in the area know you are there.

The track is mostly in forest at the lower levels, but there are several viewing platforms along the way, giving views down the valley and across the mountain peaks. These are good places to relax and catch your breath.

The whole route is a gradual up hill climb, with a few flats. The final 300m before the summit opens up and great views are to be had on both sides of the track. At the fork in the track take the left path and the summit of Mt Kotomiyana is about 100m further on. It is an open area with about 10 benches to sit down on and great views looking down to Matsumoto in the south and Nagano in the east.

The hike back down follows the same route until the bear gong, but be sure to take the opposite route from the climb as both routes have interesting parts to them.

Start: 1,673 masl
Summit: 2,007 masl
Route: Tembo Lift Top – (1:30) – Mt Kotomiyama Summit – (1:00) – Tembo Lift
Difficulty Level ★★★☆☆