This route follows the Happo Ike Pond route and carries on up the Happo One Ridge Line. This route is not very technical and can be easily completed by anyone with a decent level of fitness.

Happo Ike to Karamatsu

Natural Treasures – Raicho

After leaving Happo Ike Pond the route is well marked and passes through some small forested areas before emerging into an alpine environment. There are several places to stop along the way, and a few ice packs must be crossed (until they melt in late July). There are a few ridge-line areas, with drop offs on either side, and the final part of the track before Karamatsu Sancho Sanso Hut is cut into the cliff, but the drop offs are not high and unless you have a severe fear of heights, it should be no problem. Out of the blue, the mountain hut will be upon you, and it is a good place to rest, and have a drink. There is a small shop here selling snacks and drinks (soft drinks and alcoholic).

Mt Karamatsu Hut

From the Hut it is about a 20-minute climb up to the summit at Karamatsu. The view from the top is spectacular, with the Japan sea and Noto Peninsular being viewable to the north. If your pack is weighing you down, then leave it at the hut and travel light to the summit with your camera and lunch.

You need to watch the time, as the last lifts down the ski resort finish about 16:00, so make sure you leave the hut by about 13:00 to ensure you are not stuck at the top of the lifts.

The walk down is pleasant and not very taxing on the body. Travel quietly and you may see several different animal and bird species native to the area. Many people in Japan hike with bells, to warn bears of their presence, but these give me a headache due to the constant ringing. I prefer to walk as quietly as possible.

Start: 1,830 masl
Summit: 2,696 masl
Route: Happo Ike Sanso Hut – (1:30) – Happo Ike Pond – (2:30) – Karamatsu Sancho Sanso Hut – (0:20) – Mt Karamatsu Summit – (0:15) – Karamatsu Sancho Sanso Hut – (2:00) Happo Ike Pond – (1:00) – Happo Ike Sanso Hut Lift
Difficulty Level ★★☆☆☆