From the valley floor at 750meters above sea level, to the peaks of the Japanese northern alps at close to 3,000m, Hakuba is a mecca for hikers in Japan.

And with something for every level, and walks ranging from several hours to several days, and many accessible from ski lifts, a few days in the mountains is a great way to escape the summer heat in Japan.

There are 5 major peaks within the central Hakuba Valley region, and no one can really say they’ve seen all of Hakuba until they have stood on the summit of each.

But remember, safety comes first, and there are some fairly advanced routes that do require a lot of technical ability.

For longer treks, a trekking plan must be submitted before departure, and if staying in mountain huts the we recommend making advance bookings.

All the treks listed here can be done alone, or with a guide.

Hiking Contents

  1. Half Day Hikes

    Simple walks for everyone.

  2. Full Day Hikes

    Get into the alps and enjoy natures

  3. Multi Day Hikes

    Strap on a back pack and really explore the Northern Alps

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