Early Morning Ride above the clouds.

Hakuba has some world class Mountain Biking Courses. If’s it a quick down hill, or a half day tour, it is all right here.

With something for every level from beginners to experts, you can’t go wrong.

Never tried it before, no worries. We can arrange an instructor / guide to get you up to speed quickly, and you’ll be able to enjoy Hakuba’s terrain from day 1.


Let gravity do the work for you. Catch a gondola up, and enjoy the long downhill runs. Both Hakuba 47 and Hakuba Iwatake have downhill MTB tracks. While this may seem the easy way to do, you are still using many muscles, and this can be quite strenuous exercise.

Iwatake is probably the better developed of the two. It currently offers 2 main tracks. The Kamikaze Downhill (which like the name is pretty much straight top to bottom at breakneck speed), and the Alps View Course, which is Japan’s first flow tracks with lots a switchbacks and banked walls.

There is also a summit loop for those a bit to frightened to go top to bottom right from the start.

While the Kamikaze downhill requires some skill, if you can ride a bike, you can make it down the Alps View Track, stopping along the way to take in the views or catch your breath.

The top of the resort is mostly out in the open and has panoramic views.